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Supermodel Helen :

Age: 13

Date of Birth: October 11

Model from: Yokohama, Japan

Discovered: I strolled into the agency, seeing what they could do…

Favorite Music: Reggae, house music, and rock

anson : Can't wait to work with you again!! :) thanks
cksmith : Please tell me what you like and what not and why please.
kristian : Had a brilliant shoot with this stunning and creative model - wasn't the first and it won't be the last - cheers Nat x
candy : This bundle of fun is just such a great girl to work with. Totally confident of her body and wonderful to work with.
judy3 : I had a great second shoot with Zara last week - again communications were superb and she arrived fully prepared with lots of great ideas of her own. She looks great and worked hard to achieve the shots I was after. I'm already looking to our next shoot....which will be soon. A thoroughly lovely model.
utpalb : For me this is one of your better shots. I like how the photographer handled it. If you had more that showed you this would be a good addition.
rosie4 : Hi all, just did my first session with a model on sunday, and uploaded the photos to my port. This is my first time shooting a model, and I had no idea what to expect. I thought it turned out pretty good, but I am here to learn. Please, have a look at then let me know what you think!
bruce88 : If you were to remove anything from your port I would suggest to remove images 6 and 7. They are not flattering to you, and have bad exposure/contrast/color cast issues. Otherwise, it appears that you are exploring more of an alternative style of modeling with your other work which is fine. Images 3 and 4 are the strongest thus far.
noreen : I'm seeing great potential here!
bismuth : I love the idea of a whole living room

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