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Supermodel Carol :

Age: 13

Date of Birth: June 11

Model from: Asbury, NC Ascutney, VT Ash Ashburn

Discovered: After a couple years of begging my Mom to let me model, she finally agreed to take me to an open call.

Favorite Music: DJ Paul Keeley

arlinda : .
btlt : I like your experimental portfolio. I especially like the more recent stuff (at least I think it's the most recent). Getting a definite style to it that I really adore.
carine : She's a natural model and I highly recommend her. Will certainly be shooting with her again.
heather5 : i wouldn't show them any of the photos in your portfolio, though.
brigida : finally set off to the international stage!
hawley : I really enjoyed shooting with Nika - she is very experienced and has a large variety of poses that she can deliver. She is confident yet fun & friendly and was ready to achieve the shots that I wanted. The 4 hours flew by.
ainsley : This girl is AMAZING!!! one of the strongest new faces of the season…her face is stunning.I agree "top ten newcomer" is more fitting for her.
pbruno : feel the chin should come up a little in your poses.. this gives more throw into the camera otherwise chin down looks too elongated… with the chin up a little it would give more emotion.. maybe also a little more character in the poses.
addendum : Keith
ernestMitchell : How is it different from what a 10-year-old with a point-and-shoot might do?

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