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Supermodel Carolyn :

Age: 15

Date of Birth: June 7

Model from: Highland Park

Discovered: By the agency's [Mango Models] scout, in a bookstore

Favorite Music: My favorite music is Ainda Bem – Thiaguinho and my favorite band is Charlie Brown Jr

robert62 : Chrissy's pre-shoot preparations were exemplary as were her communications from start to finish. Her responses to direction throughout were never short of positive every time to endorse her very professional attitude.
mbuford : The states that seem to fit the "Police State" the best happen to be the biggest Democratic party strongholds, NY Ca, CT, Ma, etc... Ever wonder why?
hussar : A professional and confident woman and model. Easy to shoot and get results with. thanks.
aynsley : She loved the makeup I did so much she cried but of course she wants wearability throught the day... understandable. I plan to meet with her again and use a different foundatiom
bolen : Highly recommended.
march2 : Photographers don't want to shoot beauty/ portraits because:
honey-2001 : #5 - wardrobe and makeup are nice
kyle : Love 183 cm models :) need some like this
kipper : Hopefully this helps, feel free to look at my portfolio and tell me what you think.
brown13 : xx

fashion personal portfolio:

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