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Supermodel Deborah :

Age: 15

Date of Birth: March 4

Model from: Vic, Barcelona, Spain

Discovered: A friend of a friend saw Facebook pictures of me and sent them to different agencies he knew, and I came out to meet with different ones and picked the one I felt comfortable with.

Favorite Music: Difficult to say, but I like house, r&b… to be honest I like almost every type of music

matiasMitchell : She is also a pleasure to be with, totally lovely personality.
bluee : I also prefer the glamour shots more than the portrait-style and am a big fan of your use of natural lighting.
bltu : He is a great photographer and fun to work with.
boarders : Tiina
michael19 : Katie was kind enough to help me out at short notice, modelling for a project which I was working on for an exhibition.
bertha : love her face!
george-123 : High five - I'm also "problem solver". I rarely have easy jobs and terms for them.
willy : out of each year there's been one model so far :)
gbunker : There are many other images in your portfolio that support your OP far, far better than the one under discussion.
babell : Franka had a wide range of oufits ready, and she's also very personable and friendly, making her easy to work with.

fashion personal portfolio:

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