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Supermodel Cathy :

Age: 10

Date of Birth: January 3

Model from: Nashville, IN

Discovered: On the London Underground on the way to work.

Favorite Music: I love old school music like TLC and MC Hammer! I've always also admired Michael Jackson as an incredible performer and artist.

fptu : Today had a amazing photoshoot I have been looking forward to this shoot for a long time, and trust it was worth the wait. What a super model Jeavon is, she needed no direction at all she just new what to do, & had some great ideas of her own. I will be working with her again very very soon. Would I recommend her, well all I can say you must be mad if you are looking for a good model & don’t book Jeavon she is worth every penny and wont leave you disappointed. I highly recommend her
scully : If you wanted to give your port a greater sense of variety, I'd suggest cutting it down to images 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 24. That would retain some of the shots with the straight up and down composition but alter their ratio to the other photos enough so that they don't predominate. I'd also suggest moving images 1 and 3 further apart from each other as they're quite similar to one another but unlike the mostly 3/4 and full body shots in the rest of your port.
bnz : 1st shoot: John has a beautiful studio and house so is a pleasure to shoot in, he is a true gentleman and very accommodating. On top of that he comes up with fabulous images that you will be very pleased with. I would definitely recommend him.
aaron68 : The right-hand Maddison image has the light a little high on her deep-set eyes, leaving them lifeless. The image is a little too plain. I think flowers in the hair might have perked it up.
andromache : Please let me know on which one your commenting on
punk13 : I had the pleasure of Karen being MUA to Steph Owens and Sophie Wilson at a Studio Taster day, Always provides amazing skills Make-Up, Highly recommended.
johnson3 : I think the eye makeup went a bit overboard.
marcusb : Great meeting and working with you!
scott : Woweee, what a incredible shoot!!! absolutely amazing!! Although it was a really quick shoot, Gary had manage to capture some brilliant images in a short space of time before it got too dark. His sense of lighting is really creative and imaginative. He has a brilliant eye for capturing. Gary is a polite, friendly, thoughtful person. He is 100% professional and fully prepared. i would definitely recommend him to you all =) i really enjoyed this shoot a lot, thank you so much Gary =) Mow Mow
butlers : I worked with Jon on a glamour and fashion shoot. He is friendly, approachable and despite being relatively new to shooting models he goes out of his way to build a positive rapport and get 'wow' results. Jon allowed me to input my own ideas and improvise but was also good at providing direction where required. I would work with him again any time. Thank you!

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