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Supermodel Regina :

Age: 12

Date of Birth: November 20

Model from: Fall River

Discovered: ?I was discovered by Tom Van Dorpe while I was shopping in Gent with friends

Favorite Music: That really depends on my mood. When I'm happy I listen to Manu Chao. When I'm ready to kill it would be System Of A Down. Last Linkin Park album I really enjoyed, U2, The Chemical Brothers, Pink, Bloodhound Gang… But my all time favorite singer is Moby.

jonathonMitchell : Did the movie explicitly say it was air and not AIDS gas or something?
abruneau : Thanks again.
bbujold : I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Scott. He is very professional, incredibly organised and hospitable and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. Myself and Rachael (MUA) were treated like queens. Scott prepares his shoots down to the finite details and keeps you in the loop every step of the way.. he is very creative and his portfolio speaks for itself. A very talented photographer that is highly recommended. Thank you again Scott and I look forward to working with you again soon!! x
yahoo : 16-11-2011 Had a wonderful shoot today the first time we got to work together,
brent06 : Along with working with clients from all over the UK and beyond I have had images in The Sun, The Star ,Daily Mirror, Time Out London , Heat ,Teen Now, Bliss, Sunday Times, Star magazine, Mizz Magazine, The Pink Paper, The Times, Now Magazine and Star Magazine, Q Magazine, Burtons, Debenhams, Harrods and NUTS magazine to name a few. I have also had 4 album covers that have made the UK top 10 album charts and too many to count single covers and itune covers.
advisee : just completed a location shoot with steve, very lovely gentleman! was location bikini etc and he was very understand regarding the cold and kept ordering me back to the car to warm up :) got some beautiful shots that i am looking forward to using and found a brilliant new location to work from. looking forward to working with him again, would definitely recommend... 5*
carve : I worked with Jen on 18th April, she was totally professional and very patient with me, Jen was an excellent model to work with, cant wait to do another shoot! :D
arleta : and it's good to see a 23 years old guy 'starting'
boehm : Fashion Show at the Big Red Top, African clothes and designers, August 2010.
dickhead : I've been reading a lot of posts lately where people bash on "thin people" ... I had a theory regarding it, and this may be insensitive of me to say, but to me, we all struggle with accepting our bodies and accepting who we are as a person. If it isn't our weight, it's the way we talk, some facial feature we dislike (big nose, uneven eyes), lack of muscles or boobs, too big of boobs, etc etc etc...

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