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Supermodel Whitney :

Age: 13

Date of Birth: January 18

Model from: Yonkers, NY Yorba Linda

Discovered: I have a friend from home (Tom Newton) who is a photographer. We met working at a small grocery store a few years ago and he would always beg me to do a shoot with him so I finally did, and it sort of became a regular thing. For years he would say we should send these in, and then in December, he did (without my knowledge.) He sent just a few to Elmer Olsen without any other information or way to contact me. So they used the good old Internet to track me down and found out where I was working. I had picked up the phone to make another call, it didn't even ring, and on the other end was Elmer… the rest is history, haha

Favorite Music: Frightened Rabbit

allan : Had a most excellent shoot today with 'Zany' Zoe, enthusiastic, bubbly, funny, very funny, chatty, sexy and phew!!, exhausting, my self and my camera were having a job to keep up with her pace as the poses kept on coming. Yep, Zoe's a professional model thats simply brill at her job, great fun to work with and very yummie with it. O yea, and exceptional nips too!!!!!Recomended?? O yes, you bet !!!!!!!
andi : As I said after our 1st shoot
butters : Now CRB certified
stefanieb : I had an amazing bondage shoot today with Dani,she is great to work with and made the shoot a lot of fun.She turned up on time and with plenty of outfits.
harry06 : I'm biased against free, do it yourself websites. So given that...
eddie72 : Any other advice would be appreciated, regarding the photos and their purpose as ?headshots? for an actor.
amy46 : When a flash is included in an image I wonder about the photographers lighting skills
aleece : As for the suitcase shoot, I did want the subject to pop more than the background and in turn it did look a bit over the top. I'll try to blend that better for the next shoot.
parker37 : start doing fashion-style family portraits and portraits of children. you'll still make money by providing a service people want (with a creative edge that will attract more/different clients), but you won't be bored.
haroon : Dark Secrets Latex &

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