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Supermodel Regina :

Age: 12

Date of Birth: August 10

Model from: Tok, AK Token Creek, WI Toledo

Discovered: Scouted by Jody Furlong visiting London with my mum one summer.

Favorite Music: Dubstep + classic music.

shadow : fashion/headshots ?20 per hr
wbruce : I think you have a helluva figure for doing pinup work. If you wanna do the stuff that was "off-limits" to you as a minor, have you thought about expanding into art nudes at all? I've found they've really helped me to find myself in my body as a model, as I have a tendency to spend a lot of time in my head.
daleMitchell : After weeks of arranging things my first instinct was right-Jesssie is brilliant to work with: She arrived on schedule and it was a pleasure to have her in the studio..She is very bubbly and chatty & clearly loves modelling..
bloody : I looked at your port and while you do a good eye anyone who goes out every weekend can do that. If you REALLY want to get into being a Makeup Artist - key word being artist- you should probably take some courses.
clint : great to work with and has great ideas.
merissa : Well what can I say had a shoot with peter this morning and was really professional had a great time realy nice bloke and great to chat to will defo be working with him again very pleased to have met him. Thanks for a fansastic shoot :)
tran : My main comment with your port is that there is too much repetition. You need to edit, edit, edit! For instance, with the yellow tank top, there's 3 or 4 images of that look and the poses are mostly the same. You don't need them all. Pick the best one. Same goes for the red tank and red bikini top, just pick one. In your port, try to show a range of looks, poses, expressions & moods.
banshees : I think I'm done gushing compliments now. :-p
amy25 : You've a very striking look.
mike4 : I would recommend Ivy and she is welcome back at my studio anytime...

fashion personal portfolio:

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underage model - photo and video samples