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Supermodel Camille :

Age: 8

Date of Birth: August 27

Model from: Winthrop, WA

Discovered: By Models 1 in Topshop when I was 13

Favorite Music: L.O.C (Liam O'Connor - Danish gangsta rapper)

dummy : Hi Neil,
accrue : nobody is against immigration, however its very clear that the current administration puts the crime of crossing the border into the US as equal to jaywalking in order of severity. Rather than focusing on closing the border, they demonize the border states which are forced to do something to stop illegals.
h0sc : gives good direction
laps : One thing you can try is look up the photography groups on in your area. They often organize events for their members to photograph models, you can contact the organizers of a couple groups and put your name on the "available models" list. You probably will not get paid, but you'll be photographed a lot and chances are some of the shots you'll get will be pretty good.
dave : As for as work goes, she is full of ideas and poses and is consistently polite and an absolute star to work with.
barrels : some reason BAD LINK gives 404 error ???
bygraves : Email:
njav : Alan was lovely to work with, very pleasant made me feel comfortable all through out the shoot, i would recommend Alan and cant wait to see the pictures. xx
gamorgan : You can be constructive without gouging out someone's eye... there is a thread going on right now where someone is just dishing out harsh statements without any gateway to improvement. That helps nobody.
cavemen : Had my shoot with Steve 21/04/10, Feel we covered just about everything I wanted out of the shoot, got me in some crazy possitions, but the photo's I have seen so far are looking great :)

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