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Supermodel Melanie :

Age: 10

Date of Birth: July 5

Model from: Mount Joy

Discovered: I was presented by a family friend, who is a hair stylist, to the photographer Tibi Clenci few months ago. Meeting him was wonderful and the next month I was shooting 7 times with him!!! I thank Tibi for taking time to find some qualities in myself and teach me so much about expressing in front of the camera.

Favorite Music: Electro/Pop/Rock and classik; Dune, La Roux, 2raumwohnung and sometimes Bach

chong : Sabrina
rotate : wow, so many negative comments here. hmmm, wonder if it has to do with him being part asian.
citrus : Had my first shoot with Don a week ago, was a great shoot and Don was very polite and friendly and took our ideas on board. Just looked at the pics from the shoot me and Natalie did together,and there great !!!
geoffrey : #1
holli : Highly recommended!
chaldean : You've got some nice shots where you are posing and connecting well, with a good expression.
period : Michelle Thorne
wilson14 : would recommend her 100 percent
jeffy : When you have a shoot know who the target market is. There is a saying that fashion is about the "screw you" look. You have that down. That said, when modeling swimsuits the focus should be on I am having fun. Smile in those types of shots. It sells the suit.
ceremony : *Graham - a1-image

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