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Supermodel Hannah :

Age: 9

Date of Birth: May 4

Model from: West Seneca

Discovered: My agent Ruben met me at a beach party in Knokke, Belgium, I was with my friends, dancing and having fun by the seaside very close to my hometown.

Favorite Music: I love a lot of music from d'n'b, dubstep to reggae and blues

bennet : the wood planks behind her look huge compared to what is real... it bothers me... it is a manipulation righT?
windy : Thanks for being part of a great evening at the St Neotts club last night, always good to pose for someone who weilds a camera with enthusiasm and a smile!
beowulf0 : The makeup is a tad harsh and looks a bit mottled in 2 closeups, yes and seems rather flat as mentioned. I love many of the costumed images, specially with the birds... and those are your most interesting shots.
cat11 : Keep:
chang : lovely day, thanks guys,
joan5 : lolita05
jbunce : I recently had the pleasure of working with Erin at the Stuart House Art Nude event. This young lady is beautiful, confident and happy with both her body and the environment she was working in, relaxed and attentive her heart and soul are passionate to achieve the photographer’s vision. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Erin In the future and recommend her and her cakes 100%
ibm-123 : Do you see some items that I need to work on to kick my quality up a notch?
vbur**** : Best liked from portfolio
james82 : My point wasn't meant to be about what I like, but I kind of railroaded myself that way. What I mean to say is that there are inherent strengths and weaknesses in different artistic media, and as the march of progress continues, those differences may shift, but there will always be a difference. If we ever come to a time where there are no differences whatsoever, the more expensive medium will fade from the marketplace almost instantly.

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