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Supermodel Eva :

Age: 7

Date of Birth: December 22

Model from: Navarre, Florida

Discovered: A friend of mine convinced me to show myself to some agencies. I heard a lot of 'NO's but at the end one of them took me.

Favorite Music: Hip hop, A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator

marco5 : The key light is on camera and is bounced off a wall to frame left. The highlight on the model's face is being cast by a hot light which is just a cheap halogen light on the floor. So you can do this kind of thing and challenge yourself to cast some highlight using a $10 clip on light from Home Depot. Where you do it doesn't matter... on the face, on the shoulder, whatever.
bowditch : She works well and is easy to get on with.Has a lovely figure and a good temperament.
theodore06 : So if it was on purpose it worked well placing model, her dark hair against light background, and tiara against dark background
gary29 : I had a great shoot with Kevin during my South East tour and have been very remiss in not leaving feedback until now. He was courteous, considerate and respectful throughout the shoot and looked after my well-being by making sure I didn't get too cold. He also gave great direction and made sure to give me an idea of the images he wanted to achieve. Thanks again xx
ibudd : It is a vintage garment.
toetoe : Lot 2: SOLD
andee : is she part asian? or part native american or part latin??
gennie : Happy shooting.
eauv : With someone at your level, I can see why it's hard to cut. As I look through your present collection though, I'm seeing a lot of stuff that is clever, quirky, and creative that sets you apart from the MM crowd and would make people say, "You don't see that everyday". Then there are some that are OK, but routine.
gurus : And the second shoot was just as good..

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