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Supermodel Adriana :

Age: 13

Date of Birth: September 21

Model from: Broadmoor, LA Brockport

Discovered: On the London Underground on the way to work.

Favorite Music: Punk music, Leftover Crack

afoster : Ten photoshoots so far. (1) Beach shoot, (2) Purestorm model Michelle Manzer, (3) Purestorm models Livvy Langdon and Victoria Summers, (4) purestorm model Cath Faza (5) Fetish group shoot with Hayley Leigh, (6) Group shoot, (7) Purestorm model Jo Louise, (8) purestorm model Cath Faza, (9)location shoot with purestorm model Joss Daniels, (10) Purestorm model Kelli Smith.
hot-321 : Sorry for the rant but I hate the assumption that self-taught artists are just make up enthusiasts or don't know what they are doing.
justine : I remember back when I lived in big cities the street people who would alternate panhandling with random cursing...
marcMitchell : the rest i would have deleted if i had shot them, especially the nature shots.
abner : Anyhow, looking forward to work with her again.
carletti : Anyhow:
booze : The gem stones are not uniform side to side, models right eye they touch the eyebrow near bridge of nose, and do not on models left
kbuckman : Great shoot with Lee this week. His communication beforehand was excellent, he was ready for me when i turned up a little early and provided plenty of coffee throughout the shoot :-) His lighting is fantastic and made me look flawless and he uses lots of different angles and positions for each shot so they all have a different feel. There was a small amount of space for the shoot but he used it well and we never ran out of ideas. Lee was friendly and professional and put me at ease, and i feel we got a lot from the shoot. i would highly recommend him :-) Jen xx
cdc2 : xxnessaxx
linda33 : Dunstan Perera - various art exhibitions and art magazine publications

fashion personal portfolio:

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