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Supermodel Penelope :

Age: 11

Date of Birth: February 26

Model from: Torrance, California, USA

Discovered: At a music festival by one of Modellink's scouts

Favorite Music: Well, I like almost all kinds of music.

hula : There's no way she's 15…she looks like she's twenty-something. She's beautiful though, there's no denying that!
hcxa : Hi David - that description works for me! Nice one.
butte : The most-interesting image is the one on the far left.
always : Clearly, sir, you have a solid understanding of the industry. You're hired.
jamie : 6. Backgrounds that should be white but turn out grey because your photographer didn't know how to set custom white balance
khalid : I'd recommend her to anyone.
gregoryMitchell : In resume: had a lovely shoot with a lovely and funny very good model ... get some really good shoot !
blue : Clive
joyce : Not particularly keen on the other full length poses. Slight unhappiness in 1st pic and I'd like to see more animated or expressive poses in the other two full length.
velma : You'd have to pay me. I don't see anything that convinces me I need your work in my portfolio.

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